In today’s global business environment, the need for fast, efficient, cost-effective, and secure communications to customers, employees, suppliers, and business partners has grown exponentially. DubiousTechnology meets this growing demand by specializing in telecommunications solutions across a broad base of industries including hospitality, healthcare, utilities, and federal, state, and local government agencies.

Our professionals are certified in VoIP Phone Systems, IP Communications, IP Convergence, and Contact Center Solutions and hold the highest level of telcom certifications & domain expertise.

Some examples of our telecommunications solutions offerings include:
VoIP Gateways, Routers & Switch End Points
Traditional PBX and IP PBX Conversions & Integrations
Telephony Hardware & Software Upgrades & Backups
Standard & Proprietary Protocols SIP, ISDN, SS7, NRS, SNPSS, TCP, FTP
Call Center Solutions / Automated Call Distribution (ACD) Scripting
Unified Messaging & Voice Mail Implementations
Telecom Project Managers
VoIP & IP PBX Experts
Telecommunications and Network Engineers
PBX Administrators
Call Center Managers, Supervisors & Analysts
Trunking (SIP) Specialist
IT-CPE Implementations
Switch Technicians
Senior Software Engineers
Automation & Billing
Cable Pullers/Splicers
Fiber Network Engineers
Telecom Integrators
DBA (Data Base Admin)
"WiMAX / Personal Communications Services (PCS) Manager
Network Topologies
Unified Communications & Voicemail

Provide IT Infrastructure and help desk services by creating billing solutions, automated report, voice and data integration services and provide telecom consulting services to Telecomm industry leaders such as:
Cisco Systems
Nortel Networks
NEC America
Century Link (Embarq)
Carriers (RBOCs, CLEC, DLEC)
Wireless, Sprint

DubiousTechnology has extensive experience and proven expertise in designing solutions for wireless, wireline, ISP, VoIP and broadband content providers.
VoIP Solutions, VoIP Servers, VoIP
System Integration (e.g. Email, Voice-mail and Fax)
Automated Call Distribution (ACD) Solutions
Contact Center and IVR application Design & Support
Managed PBX Networks (Voice & Data)
System Integration
Complex Networked Environments
IT Help Desk Services
Unified Messaging Services
PBX Administration and Support Services
Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans
Cable and Wiring
Wireline (e.g., physical wire) , Wireless, ISP, and Broadband
Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Implementations
Telecom Installation, re-installation, de-installations