Custom Software Development

Premier Custom Development Software Team

Our goal is to add value by providing application development services for businesses and organizations that are in need of customized software that is not available off-the-shelf, customization of existing applications, or customization of platform technologies such as Microsoft Sharepoint. The goal is simple; DubiousTechnology strives to add value to our clients businesses and organizations. This can be accomplished with technology in many different ways such as business process automation, enhanced application functionality, enhanced end-user experience.

Every application development project is different and unique. Our skills and experience have significant range that is expressed and evident through the density of information on this site. However, we stand by at any time to discuss via phone or in person any potential fit with client needs (confidentially, without charge or any obligation).

Completely Custom Software Development Services
Our experience with developing, deploying and maintaining custom applications. Our team has been successful with increasing business efficiency through the use of custom developed software. Although a proponent of appropriate off-the-shelf products, we are able to create a wide variety of custom software for specific customer needs.

Our custom software development services are specified, planned, developed, programmed, and supported by Senior Application Consultants that are full-time employees. With the dozens of years of experience within the custom software development group, we have found this to be the most efficient and most predictable way to provide applications to our clients. Further, the support of the applications is handled by those who planned and wrote each line of code.

Another benefit of using our custom software solutions is the fact that you, the client, own the code when the project is complete. This is not how all application development firms work and we advise clients to read the fine print before embarking on a project that should add to the value of your firm - both in efficiency and intellectual property.

Our team of consultants can help you develop the best solutions that’s right for your business processes. Further, our infrastructure and development services complement each other to provide guaranteed solutions based on specific customer goals. Our goal is to build long-term relationships based on personal service and attention.