DubiousTechnology has experience working with companies from all industries: Higher Education, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare and State and Local governments.

The service, education and support requirements are similar across all industries and platforms. Our approach is to take a standard methodology and adapt this methodology for the specific need. This ensures we can scale to our clients needs and the clients get the most out of their IT investments.

DubiousTechnology offers the following services:

Information Technology Services:

Technology Health checks – Maximize your existing product investments. Are all needed features used and can they be exploited?
Software upgrade and migrations – The maintenance cycle of third party vendors is driven by the vendor not the client. DubiousTechnology can help manage the maintenance and upgrade of existing technologies so that the work is done on your schedule.
Assessments – Process reviews are always useful in getting a third party fresh perspective. Great when trying to get more from current products.
Optimization Services - Vendor consolidation can help fund new projects.
Contract Management – Are you paying the right price for the right product?
Software Portfolio Reviews - Do you have duplicate technologies or can you use an existing technology to solve a new business problem without buying a new product?
Staff Augmentation and Staff outsourcing – When a project needs extra support of if there is a shortage of personnel, DubiousTechnology can supply the staff to support short term and long term projects. We can also take on the employment of the staff.

Information Security Offerings:

Security Healthchecks
Installation/ Implementation Support
Penetration Testing
Risk and Compliance Assessments
Security Audits and Certifications