Client Types and Industries

Size and location are among other factors are further discussed throughout our web-site but the goal remains the same: DubiousTechnology's focus is to be responsive when urgent needs arise and provide management through closer proximity and better understanding of our clients' technolgies, business goals, industry standards, and specific network nuances.

DubiousTechnology manages networks for clients from many and diverse industries and has multiple clients in each of the following verticals: ...

At a certain point in the engagement process, you will be urged to speak to DubiousTechnology references in your particular industry. DubiousTechnology has been sucessful in these areas, the list is not exhaustive - rather, it's indicative of our breadth and every industry has nuances that we have learned.

•Advertising, Marketing and Communications
•Architects Engineers Construction
•Education / Not-for -Profit
•Financial Services
•Hospitality, Hotels, Restaurants
•Logistics - Transportation, Distribution
•Manufacturing and Metals
•Temporary Staffing and Employment Agencies
•Medical and Dental offices