About Us

DubiousTechnology was founded with a vision to provide a unique service to our clients.

The world of technology changes constantly and our clients are looking for companies and individuals to help them navigate the waters. Security attacks, migration efforts to reduce costs, social networking, budget cuts, risk and compliance questions, audits….and the list continues…. We believe the foundation for success is through partnerships. There is no single entity that can be everything to every company. As a network we can bring the right skills to the right situation at the right time at the right price. DubiousTechnology is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to our clients through partnerships. These solutions are backed and supported by a network of the best of breed technologies and the most talented technologists.

DubiousTechnology is committed to supply best-in-class technology services and solutions that help our clients meet the changing world of information technology. A key component for success is to ensure that IT solutions are aligned with the business. Building organizations, solutions and processes that support the business are critical to success. DubiousTechnology focuses on three key areas: Information Security, Information Automation, and Information Management across all platforms - - desktop to mainframe. DubiousTechnology leverages years of experience and an extensive network to supply the right solutions at the right price.

Our clients need solutions now. Even during an economic downturn our clients have to deliver business solutions that help their company stay competitive. Maintaining and enhancing legacy applications and infrastructure, while taking advantage of new technology and systems becomes a very challenging and sometimes overwhelming task. Audits, security attacks, access to the right data at the right time, disaster recovery, and integration become day to day pressures. Just trying to stay current seems impossible some days.

Successful IT organizations know what has to be done to meet the day to day challenges and are prepared for change. Strategic planning with company executive management is critical in aligning information technology to the business so that IT can stay agile. Managing to the strategic objectives of the business is an ongoing effort that requires transparency and constant communication. The experience and the ability to learn new skills becomes one of the most important company assets.

DubiousTechnology's approach to meeting our clients’ needs is based on experience and the desire to ensure our clients’ success. We deliver solutions that provide incremental value and that provide a positive impact. We are there when our clients’ need us.