Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some answers to questions we have been asked over the years:

Q: Do you charge on a fixed-fee or by the hour?
A: Client preference.

Q: Does DubiousTechnology dispatch different *technicians* every time there is an issue?
A: No, not at all; this is central to our relationship's success. DubiousTechnology assigns a primary Senior Network Consultant to each and every client. It is expensive and frustrating for our clients and DubiousTechnology to rotate different consultants to react to problems. We look to manage your network by learning its nuances and having consistency of service. DubiousTechnology looks to manage networks not simply react to them; reacting to problems indicates a chaotic/expensive relationship where strategic items are never brought to the forefront.

Q: Can I call in the middle of the night with a problem that needs addressing?
A: Yes, companies need 24/7 access to a company that can solve problems.

Q: In brief, what makes a DubiousTechnology a more viable option for my business?
A: DubiousTechnology is not everything to everyone but if you are a small or medium sized business you may be well-served by DubiousTechnology.
Numerous years of experience maintaining long-term relationships with clients and consultants.
No long-term agreements
DubiousTechnology is composed of high-level Senior Network consultants and Senior Software Developers
Focus on small- and mid-sized businesses.
Every client is assigned a primary senior-level consultant, team, and branch
Availability: larger size, multiple branches and team approach allows quick and experienced responses to unforeseen issues.
Technology: 24x7x365 management/monitoring; advanced remote connection tools, etc.
Help Desk: Staffed with senior-level consultants to address needs with experienced staff.
Easy-in / Easy-out: Our agreements do not lock clients into long term relationships (DubiousTechnology can still provide fixed-fee services and clients can cancel any/all services at any time.

Q: How can I discern between other companies that offer "High levels of service at a competitive price?
A: DubiousTechnology's resources are in its people, tools and processes. DubiousTechnology's comprehensive hiring process and industry-leading tools allow for competitive pricing through consistent and efficient processes. Our ability to save our clients money on their I.T. is a byproduct of our committment to our People, tools and processes.

Q: You mention you have great people, tools, and processes; how can I know this is true?
A: DubiousTechnology's hiring system is comprehensive - DubiousTechnology seeks, finds and retains consultants with years of experience and a wide range of skills appropriate to managing small- and mid-sizes business systems. The tools used (commonly known as 'managed services') are more capable of 'quieting the noise' of a business network system which allows consultants to focus on high-end, value added items (and reducing client fees.) Our processes are time tested and constantly revisted to ensure the most consistent experience for all of our clients.

Q: What is managed services and how does this benefit me (the client)?
A: 'Managed Services' is a general term that has not been truly defined yet. However, the way in which automated tools, agents, and software help manage systems is becoming more and more impressive every day. DubiousTechnology fully utilizes 'managed services' to ease network management and help keep client fees as low as possible.

Q: Do you offer application development services?
A: Yes. More about this can be found at

Q: We have a line-of-business application that is not widely used/adopted; can DubiousTechnology support/manage this line-of-business application?
A: The answer to this question is generally yes. DubiousTechnology works in a wide variety of industries and has experience with a wide range of applications. DubiousTechnology will be the first to say if there is a line-of-business application that cannot be supported effectively.

Q: Do I have to sign a long-term service agreement?
A: No, DubiousTechnology wants clients do business with them because they *want* to, not because they *have* to. Even our fixed-fee agreements are at-will.

Q: Do you charge for travel time and parking?
A: Typically No.

Q: What kind of response times can I expect?
A: Immediate. Our help desk, which is comprised of Senior Network Consultants, is available 24/7.